Plots against Russia: Conspiracy and Fantasy after Socialism



Russia as an Imaginary Country

Neither Seen Nor Heard

Why Russia?

Russia and Other Ideas

Tales from the Cryptic

Ideological Cosplay

Epic Fail: Forging a Russian Past

Welcome to the Deserters of the Real

Huge Tracts of Land

Punch-Drunk History

Allegories of Re-Reading

Praying for Reign

Ten Years That Shook the World

The Russia We Can't Find

Bare Sovereignty: Ideology's Event Horizon

What Not To Wear: Discarding the Emperor's New Clothes

Mischief Managed


Chapter One

We Are All Conspiracy Theorists

Conspiracy and Entropy

Karl Popper: Open Societies and Closed Minds


A Paranoid Style Guide

Only Connect

The Truth Is...yadda, yadda, yadda

Conspiracy and Its Subjects

How to Do Things with Plots

The Play's the Thing

The Conspiratorial Mode

Conspiracy Is a Virus from Outer Space

Old Jews Telling Jokes: Meet the Elders of Zion

What Conspiracy Means to Me

Chapter Two

Ruining Russia: Conspiracy, Apocalypse, and Melodrama

Catastrophe of the Week

Waiting for the End of the World

All Apocalypse Is Local

Save the Date: Apocalypse Postponed

Verbal Hyperinflation

Flirting with Disaster

Death of a Nation

You Must Pay the Rent

The Protocols of the Elders of Tartu

The Truth Shall Not Set You Free

The 1990s: Conspiracy on Paper

Fight Fiercely, Harvard

The Union of Concerned Mad Scientists

Attack of the Degenerate Gay Jews

Nobody Expects the Russian Inquisition

Harvard: The Mutant Menace

Rock 'n' Roll Suicide

Chronicle of a Death Foretold

So Many Feelings

Selling Russia; Retail, Or Wholesale?

The Last Resort Property

Russophobia and Homophobia

Enemies of the State

You Don't Have to Be Jewish (But Maybe You Are)

Fascism with a Human Face

Russophobia and the Generic Villian

Chapter Three

One Hundred Years of Sodom: Liberalism, Gender Panic, and the Dystopian Imagination

From Russophobia, with Love

The Slash of Civilizations

Либерализм и борьба с ним (Liberalism and the Fight against It)

Politically Correct Scary Tales

Political Correctness as a Right-Wing Straw Womyn

American Idiot vs. Russian Cynic

Gender, and How to Stop It

All Happy Families

Why Be Happy When You Could Be Normal?

Queer as Folklore

The Love that Dare Not Speak Its Name to Anyone Under 18

Chasing Rainbows

Gayropa, Gayropa

The Rape of Gayropa

Suffer, Little Children: Europe as an Anti-Family Dystopia

The Passion of Irina Bergseth

Tolerance as a Social Disease

Smug New World

Compulsory Homosexuality and LIberpunk Experience

Where My Country Gone?

American Horror Story

The Tyranny of the Minority

Chapter Four

Russian Orc:  The "Evil Empire" Strikes Back

Sauron Does Moscow

The Fellowship of the Wrong

The Abuses of Enchantment

There and Back Again

How to Read Like an Orc

The Hobbit Menace


Orcs Online

The Orc-Song of Mikhail Y. Elizarov

Off the Reservation

Orknash: Supporting the Home Team


Chapter Five

The Talking Dead: Articulating the "Zombified" Subject under Putin

Zombie Nations

The Zombies of Postsocialism

The Zombie Diet Plan

Engineers of Hearts, Minds, and Human Souls

A Visit from the Deprogrammer

White Zombie

How to Win Friends and Zombify People

Everybody's Talking (and No One Says a Word)

Astakhov Sergii and the Idiot Box

Can the Zombie Subaltern Speak?

Speaking Putinist

Stop Making Sense


Chapter Six

Words of Warcraft:  Manufacturing Dissent in Russia and Ukraine

A War with No Name

A Bewitched Place

This Country Which Is Not One

Undead Ukrainian Nazis (and the Americans Who Love Them)

Breadbasket Case

Operation Provide Leftovers

Cookies from Hell

Veggie Tales

Monumental Trolling

The War at Home


Stations of the Double-Crossed

Flights of Fancy



Instead of a Conclusion